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About Nagaad


Our focus is on fostering communities and safeguarding the environment

Nagaad Resins and Gums (Nagaad Gums) started in the late 1940s as a family business in rural Somalia. Focused on sustainable resin and gum harvesting, it empowered communities, conserved the environment, and provided a stable income source. The business thrived until the late 1980s, with harvesting operations nationwide.

Our History

Nagaad Gums, originating in the 1940s as a family business in Somalia, harvested resins sustainably. Hindered by civil war in the 1990s, it rebooted in 2015 as a community-centric Social Enterprise. Modern facilities, an emphasis on conservation, and partnerships make it a beacon of resilience and sustainable growth.

Our Business Background

Nagaad Resins and Gums, named after the family trait of “resilience,” sources natural resins from plants thriving in harsh terrains. Historically, these resins, important for traditional medicine, catered to nomadic ancestors’ needs. Today, while serving medicinal and cosmetic purposes, Nagaad operates as a community-focused Social Enterprise.

Our Business Model

Nagaad Gums and Resins, an Organic-certified Social Enterprise, prioritizes community empowerment and environmental conservation in its ‘one-for-all’ model. As the sole company in East Africa specializing in 100% natural gum and resin, Nagaad combines ancestral skills with modern technology for premium quality products. Centralized in Kenya, UAE, and UK, with EU-accredited labs, Nagaad holds international certifications and enriches communities economically and educationally

Nagaad is Ecocert certified, ensuring organic and sustainable products with ethical practices and environmental preservation.

Nagaad is USDA organic certified, meeting strict US government standards for organic products.

Nagaad is IFPA certified, ensuring high-quality essential oils and products.

Nagaad is ISO certified, meeting international standards for quality management, ensuring their products meet high-quality benchmarks.

Nagaad is GMP certified, assuring their adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices for high-quality and safe products.

Nagaad Products are legally, ethically and sustainably harvested products. They are fair traded, meaning that the benefits are felt by all those involved, right down to the local communities harvesting the wild plants.

Nagaad products are GMO-free, ensuring they are produced without the use of genetically modified organisms.

Nagaad is Organic Consumer Alliance certified, meeting strict organic and sustainable standards.

Nagaad products are chemical-free, ensuring natural and safe ingredients for eco-conscious consumers.

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