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Our Business Model

With its ‘one-for-all’ business model, Nagaad Gums and Resins has successfully become a modern Organic certified Social Enterprise that gives back to the communities it interacts with. The major role the Nagaad team plays is assisting communities in building a resilient future while safeguarding their environment sustainably. The fact that the team works tirelessly to meet the needs and expectations of the communities and clients is a testament to that.

Asides from the fact that Nagaad Gums and Resins aims at working ‘with the community and for the community, it is a pioneer and still the only company in the Eastern African region to handle and sourcing process 100% Wildly and naturally crafted gum and resin products.

Working with communities: The Nagaad works along with the communities as they possess the greatest knowledge regarding the harvesting and handling of resins and gums.

Working for the communities: These communities are the real producers, and they also benefit from the products.

Nagaad Company fifth generation team have developed a sound business model that is based on the ancient skills learned from our ancestors. The laboratory equipment installed in the Nagaad facilities are GC/MS, FID and is uniquely designed to suit the processing of 100% pure essential oils and its allied products. Steam, hydro, and combined steam distillation are the methods used to provide top-quality essential oil.

Our Vision:  Build a global brand with its roots in Eastern Africa.

Our Mission: Working with the communities and for the communities and in an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to make Eastern Africa a leading producer and exporter of the end products of naturally crafted resins and gums.

Our Objectives

  • Work with the communities and for the communities
  • Sustainable harvesting of resins and gums
  • Protection of the environment
  • Transparency
  • Fair trade
  • Equality

Our Core Values

  • Build community support and networks.
  • Ensure sustainable harvesting of resins and gums.
  • Use ancient techniques for harvesting resins and gums and the latest processing technologies for the final commodities.
  • Produce a broad range of high-quality resin and gum products for local and international markets.
  • Exceed customers’ expectations for resin and gum products
  • Support the Green Belt movement through the proactive planting of trees in heavily deforested areas.
  • Promote and support renewable energies in communities
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